Oh, hey there!

img_8381Hey! Again, Welcome to Lost and Twenty Something.
For this first post I thought I would give a little bit a backstory as to who I am and how I got to be writing this today.
My name is Casey and I’ve been living in Auckland for a little over a year and a half and I can confidently say that this place and the people have changed me. Before moving here I had finished university and felt pretty unsuccessful in what I had achieved. I had a degree but no passion. My only logical thought was to move back home and get a job at a pub down the road. I know, genius.
A couple of restless months and a many arguments with Mum over whose turn it was to do the dishes, the job-hunting started. I had my mind set on Auckland but at that stage I didn’t realise how big it was or how to navigate through it (lets be honest – still don’t) so I packed my things, bought a car, found a flat and moved to the big smoke.
It was a fresh start and for months I found it hard to find my feet, more than once I had contemplated moving back to the comforts of home but after a reboot in the flatting situation and social attitude, common sense prevailed and I decided to give it a proper go – this time by actually making an effort.
With a decent amount of courage and a shot of vodka I went to a social meet up. From this point things have been a bit of a whirlwind. I’ve met new people who are now close and valuable friends (who will along the way, will be helping with this blog) and also reconnected with old friends. I changed jobs, met more people. Things were good.
Somewhere along the way I stumbled upon a sense of adventure. I started exploring the outskirts of the city a little more. I had a taste of it over last summer after visiting a few common Auckland attractions like Hunua Falls and a few different North Shore beaches but had no idea what else was out there. Instagram became my platform of discovering new locations – if anything this became my version of a new boyfriend. Countless days away encapsulated my weekends, I became addicted, more active, more confident and gradually I learnt more about the city that I live in, while of course getting the standard ‘gram’ in.
Dirty shoes, getting lost and quality yarns became my breath of fresh air from the standard workweek. Amongst this exploration of not only remarkable places, I managed to learn a little more about myself. Things happened that completely changed my outlook on who I was and what I wanted. I got my heart broken, not once but twice, I had nights where I stayed out till 5am, hiked up mountains, went on a couple of Tinder dates (rookie move), had girl nights, went on roadtrips, amongst a bunch of other things and no matter what, good or bad, I wouldn’t change it. All of these experiences have lead me to writing this which I’m hoping will not only show off these amazing places that are in our backyard but might spark something within you.
Finding little gems around Auckland and NZ is just the start…