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My name is Casey and I am the scribbler behind this blog. This is a place to record the life adventures that an average twenty something may experience in hopes that someone might relate. It is a forum for the little experiences in and out of New Zealand, a place that I am personally lucky enough to call home.

I love getting lost in time, the places that you find yourself in, the people that your with and most importantly getting lost in the moment and in yourself. Being able to explore our country comes fairly easily as long as you have means of transport and some cash for gas. A standard weekend for me would now consist of coming home with dirty shoes, an empty water bottle and a few scratches. I would also come away from the experience with a full camera card and some pretty sweet memories.

By writing this down it will not only show off these amazing places but hopefully helps you build you own bucket list and spark a sense of adventure within you. My plan is to get lost as much and as many times as possible while finding some gems along the way.

Welcome to Lost and Twenty Something, enjoy! X